Wood PLA Wood PLA... easy printing just like standard PLA and it even smells like fresh sawdust while printing!

3D printing wood PLA

Our WOOD filament is a premium grade wood composite material designed specifically for 3D printers. 

Our wood filament is made of a mixture of real Wood particles and PLA allowing it to be printed just like a thermoplastic such as Standard ABS or Standard PLA, but with a wood like appearance. It even smells like sawdust while printing! Works with 0.4 nozzle but we recommend to use a 0.5mm nozzle or larger to prevent clogging.

After printing, your object will look like real wood and can be handled like real wood; You can cut, grind and paint your creations just like normal wooden objects!

WOOD Filament - NATURAL BROWN - 1.75mm

WOOD Filament - NATURAL BROWN - 2.85mm


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