ExcelFil TECH Metal, Wood & Flexible Composite from Voltivo

ExcelFil TECH Metal, Wood & Flexible Composite from Voltivo


Voltivo’s ExcelFil™ TECH is a high grade, composite 3D printing filament and is perfectly suited for and tested with a wide range of 3D printers. ExcelFil™ TECH comes in a variety of composite material choices for advances prototyping, architecture, hobby or art projects.


  • Advanced Metal, Wood and Flexible Materials
  • Diameter and Roundness accuracy better than 0.03mm
  • Only virgin binder polymer and composite raw materials, no scrap or recycled source material
  • Easy extrusion also on unheated beds and no polishing required
  • Prints safely on brass nozzles down to 0.35mm
  • Strong layer bonds – very rigid when cooled
  • Arrives packaged in vacuum shrink wrap with a desiccant bag to ensure controlled humidity levels in transit


ExcelFil™ TECH's formulation has been carefully balanced to print on any standard printer even without heat-bed or stainless steel nozzle upgrades required. ExcelFil™ TECH filaments allow for easy extrusion due to their tight laser-controlled tolerances, smooth flow characteristics over a large temperature range, rapid cooling, and a high tensile strength. Unlike some filaments out there, these compounded metal and wood particles have been carefully milled to ensure that they are safe to print at nozzle diameters down to 0.35mm. ExcelFil™ TECH is available in the two most popular diameters that fit many brands of printers. Voltivo ships ExcelFil™ TECH on sturdy recyclable spools, vacuum sealed with a desiccant bag to ensure it arrives moisture-free.

Unlike many other brands, Voltivo aims to provide full disclosure about their range of 3D printing optimized plastic filaments.


Voltivo spent 6 month to test and characterize these new materials in extensive print tests to ensure you will not have to become their beta tester. Above and beyond the manufacturing quality control, they regularly re-run these printing tests on different 3D printer types.

They run samples on a quarterly basis to ensure you will get a product that provides reliable and repeatable print results when using ExcelFil™ TECH high quality composite filaments.

Material Example use cases
Tech Copper Trophies, Prototypes, Cooler Mockups
Tech Aluminium RC Model parts like Quadcopters, Lightweight but strong Prototypes
Tech Bronze Statues, Trophies, Replacement parts around the House
Tech Wood Artwork, Wooden Replacement parts, Easy to further hand-carve

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voltivo excelfil tech metal and wood composite 3d filament Canada

voltivo excelfil tech flexible 3d printer filament Canada
ExcelFil FLEX is perfect for printing anything flexible like Toys, Flexible joints, RC Tires, etc.

voltivo excelfil tech flexible composite 3d printer filament Canada

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